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10 Benefits of T-Square Vinyl Resilient Flooring

Suitable to be installed in high moisture areas such as kitchen and ground levels because the material is unaffected by water and resistant to ingress of water.
The composition of vinyl flooring does not attract termites and any other wood burrowing insects. Owners are free from worry of any termites or creepy crawlies wood burrows insect infestation in their home.
Easy and Low Maintenance
After installation, no polishing is required. Usage of any household floor detergents found in most supermarket is suitable for the cleaning.
Installation price includes all the necessary trimmings needed. There are no more hidden costs. It can be overlaid on existing flooring, saving all the hacking costs too.
Installation is fast and hassle free. It has a pre-finished top layer and owner can move in with immediate effect, right after installation. Less headache for commercial jobs or live in owners.
The material is designed to be slip-resistant with a textured feel, making it a safer choice especially for the young and elderly.
Protection from Wear
The floorings are made with solid pure materials with thick wear layer for added protection to the colour and design.
Made with natural materials, there are no cutting of trees involved. The flooring can be recycled in another area after years of usage instead of disposal thus cutting down on waste pollution.
The material is easier to bend and no jointing seams can be seen on rounded edges.
The floorings are treated with a compound called colloidal silver. This compound can kill germs and other harmful bacteria that can cause damage to our health.