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Benefits Of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring have a wide range of patterns and colours to choose from. Advancement in technology has enable laminate wood flooring to stimulate the look of dozens of different solid wood materials.
Easy Maintenance
The wear layer of laminate floor protects the material from stains and spills, hence making cleaning and maintenance of it relatively easy. This wear layer also protects the material colour from fading.
Scratch Resistance
Laminate floor are known for their super tough clear melamine wear layer which makes it so much more scratch resistant than solid woods.
Ease of Installation
Installation of laminate floor is a breeze with the inter-locking system. It can be completed within a day with advance planning. Owner no need to worry over the smell of glue with the glue-less system.
Cost Efficient
Laminate floor can be overlaid over existing flooring, saving hacking costs. Furthermore, the materials can be reused in another area after years of usage.